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Community Council

Welcome back to the 2016-2017 school year. It is always an exciting time of year with many opportunities to come. I am eager to get our Community Council meetings started and wanted to let you know the dates for the year. The dates are as follows:

  • October 17 @ 12:00
  • November 21 @ 12:00
  • January 30 @ 12:00
  • February 27 @ 12:00
  • March 20 @ 12:00

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Simple Motions of Parliamentary Procedure











Amend a motion





Close nominations





Main motion





Point of Order




ruled on by chair

Previous Question










Withdrawal of Motion





  • A tie vote is a lost vote.

  • A main motion may be amended.

  • Nominations can be closed by saying, "I move to close nominations."

  • Most motions are main motions.

  • A point of order is offered when there is some question if procedure had been followed correctly.

  • To stop debate or discussion on a motion and force the vote, a member would say, "I move the previous question." This requires a second and a 2/3 vote

  • Hasty action may be corrected by use of the motion to reconsider.  This motion may be made only by one who voted on the prevailing side.

  • A person who made the motion may withdraw the same motion.


Questions for reviewing School Plans or creating a Review Rubric
June 2014
Are the identified academic needs consistent with the approved plan?
Is the plan implementation narrative consistent with the approved plan?
Is the total financial expenditure consistent with the approved plan?
Does the plan identify an academic need to be addressed that is a component of the School Improvement Plan? (See Appropriate Expenditures – below)
Is there a course of action outlined to meet the need?
Does the course of action specify programs, practices, materials and equipment needed for implementation?
How does the plan directly impact students?
Does the plan include a component to demonstrate measurable increased performance?
Does the proposed budget agree with the action plan narrative?
Does the plan support district wide goals?
Are the goals meaningful and measurable?
SMART goals are a simple tool councils can use
Are the measurements showing improvement?
Does the “contingency plan” if more money is distributed than estimated support the goals?
Carry-over – is the board comfortable with the amount and reason for any carry-over?
What training would support the schools in their work on councils?


Serving on the School Community Council

Serving on our School Community Council is a wonderful way for parents and teachers to contribute and help improve academic performance at our school.  The school receives an annual dividend from the school trust lands.  Our council decides how these funds will be used.  This year our school received $32,000 from the School LAND Trust Program.  The council reviews and prepares other academic plans for our students each year.  All plans are reviewed for final approval by our school board.  Councils also act in an advisory capacity to school and school district administrations.


Every public school in Utah has a School Community Council.  The councils are made up of school employees who are elected by employees and parents who are elected by parents of students attending the school.  Membership terms are for two years.  Elections are held at the beginning of each school year. Parent members must have a student attending the school at least one of the two years of their term of service.  Employees must be employed by the school district at the school.  For more information please visit www.schoollandtrust.org.

Please fill out EITHER the Parent member information OR the Employee member information.

The from is due to the school principal before May 2016

Yes! I would like to serve on the School Community Council

Parent/Guardian Information:

Parent/Guardian Printed Name___________________________

Phone:_________________  Email______________________

I am the parent/guardian of students:                 Name                             Grade
___________________________              ________________________

___________________________              _________________________

____________________________           _________________________

I am also a licensed employee of this school district      Yes〈       )       No〈      )

School Employee Information:

School Employee Printed Name_______________________

Phone:_____________________   Email: _____________________

  _____________________      ______

  Signature                                              Date


2015-2016 MINUTES

Community Council

Minutes from November 21, 2016

Safety on Malaga

Edward from Santa Clara discussed the possibility of other crosswalks. They can’t just paint more because there is liability with crosswalks and they can’t have crosswalks within 600 feet.  The city will need to do more studies. You can’t put a cross walk without lights, signs etc. Santa Clara city will look at the options discussed.  Contact Fred Fage (Building Inspector) 656-4690 ext 217 with any questions.


Lesa explained what Dibels is, what is tested at each grade level, and when the test is given throughout the year. Dibels tests help to determine intervention groups and it gives the teachers good information on reading patterns. Dibels determines funding for reading programs and interventionist.

Joyce Wilkinson-Digital Plan

The current digital Plan includes internet safety and how Joyce  goes through videos with the students. She talks about not giving out personal information and other internet safety information. The K-1st grade will be using the Waterford reading program when they come in for computer time.  2nd grade comes in once a week for 30 minutes and have been doing the Dance Mat Typing program. 3rd grade will do 17 typing review lessons and then will do Typing Instructor for Kids which  is a website. Joyce will give us more information and Susan will send it out to the parents. 4-5th grades are learning how to use Google Docs and typing.


Susan went over the CSIP plan

Goal #1 Reading Interventionists, they do an amazing job and are very needed.

Goal #2 Monthly professional development Lesa has been videoing the teachers and conferencing with them after so they can reflect. Groups include questioning, close reading, self directed learning, engagement.

Goal #3 STEAM Goals, two paraprofessionals teach classes twice a month.

Goal #4 Buy another COW (Computer On Wheels) Cart.

Goal #5 Music and Art twice monthly; the money helps pay to match the Beverly Taylor Sorensen Grant and fund a teacher.

Goal #6 Paraprofessionals from Taiwan, we could only afford one, but she is a big help to the 1st grade and is a sharp teacher.

Intervention Groups

Paraprofessionals work Mon-Thurs. They are a huge benefit and they keep great data on each student.

Community Council Rules and Regulations

Becky reviewed the new information added to the Community Council regulations.

Parent Survey

We discussed the safety concerns. We reviewed the parent responses to the five questions. The five questions were Safety Concerns at School, Safety concerns to and from school, academic areas parents are impressed with, academic areas you would like to see improvements in, any other concerns regarding academic or safety. We had some great parent responses.

Next Meeting: January 30, 2017

October 17, 2016 Minutes
Community Council

Dibels: Arrowhead was 3rd in the district on Dibels testing.

Language Arts: Treasures Program, we are keeping it for another 3 years.

Math: My math is the district program, Envisions for Chinese 1-3 grade. 4-5 Chinese does Science and Chinese.

SAGE Interim: it gives the kids practice for SAGE. Testlets is a program the kids practice on the computer taking tests straight from the standards. Can parents opt out of SAGE and still take testlets? Susan will find out

CSIP: Consolidated School Improvement plan. The wall has all of the grade level standards or GVCs and which kids need interventions. CSIP ls the district plan for standards and reporting. Susan will print out the whole report if requested. Teachers update them each Trimester.

Trust Lands Money: We use trust lands money for interventions as well as professional development.

Teacher Professional Development: Mrs. Dewey is training them in 3 areas.self directed learning(teachers can choose what they want to better themselves) they plan it and do it themselves. Similar to student self directed learning. Helping teachers to implement more opportunities for self directed learning. Engagement and Reading text closely for comprehension are the three areas of focus. Mrs. Dewey goes in and does observations, takes data and then follows up with each teacher.

 Trust Lands Administration website will tell all about the purpose of trust lands and would be great for all council members to see, “Earning for Education” is the Youtube video it is 6 minutes long.

 Trust Lands Money Uses: Laura and Shauna are intervention aides $15,000, other money goes to professional development for teachers to hire substitute teachers. $2,000. STEAM 10 hours a month $2,000 dollars a year. COW (Computer on Wheel)s goal is to have each grade to have computers $13000, Music Teacher, Beverly Taylor Grant we match the $8000 grant. $2900 for a Chinese intern. The school also hired a couple of aides for the non Chinese classes as well, but it didn’t come from Trust Lands money.

Gold Medal Schools: Healthy food options and fit walk.

Internet Safety and Digital Citizenship: Charlie worked with all lab aides and they came up with a plan. Can the students and parents watch a video together and then sign it? They do that at the other schools. Joyce will go over it next time and we will vote on it.

Community Council Survey: we will go over it next time.

Drop off and pick up could improve. Malaga is a big problem, wish there were cross walks. Susan will invite Edward Dickey from Santa Clara city. Paint the curb on Cynthia red, paint cross walks on Malaga.

Ginny Nobis-organizes interventions 9:10-10:10, 10:15-11:15, 11:20-12:20 groups using LLI program. Every 10 lessons they move a level. (1-2nd grade)

Soar to Success in 3-5th grade. Interventions match need. Close Reading Group to get Lexile higher. They are all push in groups, so the aides come into the classroom.

November 9, 2015
Minutes Community Council Minutes from 11/09/15

Attending – Susan Harrah, Jon Gibb, Ryan Anderosn, Cheryl Patton, Heather Lewis, Stacy Howard, Allyson Gardner, Janice Chandler, Lisa Justeson, Lesa Dewey

Welcome -
Student Achievement:

  • SAGE -We finished the interim

  • DIBELS – We will test in January

  • Language Arts – (Groups for Intervention)

  • Math

Consolidated School Improvement Plan (C.S.I.P.) and Reading Plan

  • CSIP We are doing well. Check out the wall and monitor

  • Interventions -

Professional Development

  • Lesa Dewey – updates

General Information

  • Training for Committee -Reviewed the Community Council training packet and any changes

  • We need to have elections in the spring

  • Gold Medal Schools -


  • Safety patrol (students) walking pedestrians across the road

  • Any safety concerns?

  • Any questions or concerns that need to be addressed?

Next meeting will be January 25th

October 19th, 2015
Community Council 10/19/15
Welcome- We won’t have training until Oct. 28 so we will share new information in Nov.

o Student Achievement:
      o SAGE- Testing information. Results from last year
      o DIBELS- Results from last year
      o Language Arts- No unit tests required this year. Some teachers use it and some are using the scores
      o Math- We don’t have any district comparisons.
o Consolidated School Improvement Plan (C.S.I.P) and Reading Plan
     o CSIP- We are doing well. Check out the wall and monitor
     o Interventions- Go over what we offer
o Professional Development
     o Lesa Dewey
o General Information
     o STEAM program – Comm. Council funds help with that
     o Chinese Dual Immersion Program- Just working on our 5th grade…Lesley Sparks is the teacher
     o Gold Medal Schools-
     o COWS ARE VITAL! Mrs. Chandler
o Safety
     o Safety patrol (students) walking pedestrians across the road
     o Any safety concerns?
     o Any questions or concerns that need to be addressed?



2014-2015 MINUTES

014-2015 Minutes

 March 23, 2015 minutes February 23, 2015 minutes January 26, 2015 minutes November 20, 2014 minutes

November 10, 2014

Arrowhead Elementary


Members present: Jon Gibb, Lindsey Keetch, Jackie Fonnesbeck, Alyson Gardner, Becky Dunn, Cheryl Patton

Members absent: Heather Lewis, Heather Brey, Janice Chandler, Susan Harrah, Ryan Anderson

Student Achievement:

SAGE results – we looked at the results and compared our results to other school districts.


-Interventions are going great

-SEP’s will be held next week

Chinese Dual Immersion

All Chinese teachers from the district are having training from staff developers


Reunification drill went very well.

Field gates are being locked every night because of vandalism to the school.


Meeting adjourned at 12:25


October 20, 2014 minutes

October 20, 2014

Arrowhead Elementary


Members present: Jackie Fonnesbeck, Becky Dunn, Cheryl Patton, Alyson Gardner, Lindsey Keetch, Susan Goodman, Heather Lewis, Heather Brey, Janice Chandler, Ryan Anderson, Susan Harrah

Members absent: Jon Gibb

Community Council:

*Chairperson – Jon Gibb; Vice chair – TBD next meeting

*Jon will be going to training for Community Council tomorrow.

*Community council members make sure to watch the training video on You Tube

Student Achievement:

*SAGE scores will be available October 27th.

*Math and Language arts – hope to have some data on the last benchmark soon!


*looked over the C.S.I.P. plans

*Looked over the Trust Lands plan -teachers report that iPads are great in the classroom; C.O.W.S. are working out great as well.

General Information:

*Our school has the highest number of kids in the district.

*Reunification this week!

Arrowhead school motto "We pledge to do our best, be our best and better those around us."