Stacie Borden : STEM/Art Para

Stacie Borden | STEM/Art Para

My Email: stacie.borden@washk12.org

Shane Cather : PE Teacher

Shane Cather | PE Teacher

My Email: shane.cather@washk12.org

Alisha Miller : Computer Lab Aide

Alisha Miller | Computer Lab Aide

My Email: alisha.miller@washk12.org

Janna Ross : Librarian

Janna Ross | Librarian

My Email: janna.ross@washk12.org

Jamie Stucki : Music Teacher

Jamie Stucki | Music Teacher

My Email: jamie.stucki@washk12.org

  • Bachelor of Science
  • Elementary Music Endorsement
  • English as a Second Language Endorsement
  • Certified in Orff-Schulwerk  Levels 1 & 2

Alesha Smuin : PE Aide

Alesha Smuin | PE Aide

My Email: alesha.smuin@washk12.org

Allison Williams : PE Aide

Allison Williams | PE Aide

My Email: allison.williams@washk12.org

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