545 Arrowhead Trail
Santa Clara, UT 84765
T: 435.674.2027
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Kim Heki

Principal’s Message

Welcome Back! Welcome back to school! I hope everyone is rested and ready to start a new school year. This is the perfect time to have a fresh start at setting goals for the new school year. It can be as simple as doing five more minutes of math practice a night or not being tardy to school, or even being especially kind to at least five people a day. Whatever the goal is…it will make a difference! One of the best ways to help make a difference in your child’s achievement is simply by being positively involved. There will be volunteer sheets at Back to School night so please sign up. Even if you aren’t available during the day, you still can stay in touch with the teacher and help your child with homework. Thank you for the support you give this great school! We have many wonderful programs and opportunities for your children to excel and achieve. We look forward to an extremely successful 2018-2019 school year!

Arrowhead school motto "We pledge to do our best, be our best and better those around us."