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Spell-A-Thon Lists

5th Grade List

achieve correspond received gnome referred
synonym description immediate giraffe height
admitted tomorrow knapsack illegal weight
judgment fortunately shouldn't peculiar guess
rhythm fascinating gourmet portable action
cancelled graduation excelling ordinary bought
colossal fulfillment hypothesis accept audio
decision judgment plumbing grief caught
musician refrigerator regulation ballet meadow
occurred immovable estimate mosquito believe

4th Grade List

absolute allergy always author balloons
because befriend careful central children
clumsiest compose disabled doubt everyone
everywhere exceed glance gnome haven't
believable hopeful honest install knapsack
knowledge literacy million pound piece
marvelous soaked thumb bounce synonym
immediate wriggled syllable ditch while
submitted weight phone listen tried
unfriendly whistled quietest season nightly

3rd Grade List

grade come smile plain great
coast grows window tied flight
children speaks freeze peanut knock
wreck knapsack whales sandwich weather
you're wasn't teacher shouldn't third
earn perfect because friend school
uncertain choice bounce outline inches
coughing taught autumn happiness believe
receive busiest tastiest outline bought
afraid teacher beautiful didn't cities

2nd Grade List

about again beautiful because
brother can't caught children
could didn't favorite friends
gym house how when
knew what outside people
phone played who really
school writing sometimes their
where why

1st Grade List

like you said what
litle look where very
they some who could
school why how there
people friend saw walk
write should head move
house would sure love
nothing know

Kindergarten List

look we do has like
see where was have with
play are you for this
and what little said here

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