545 Arrowhead Trail
Santa Clara, UT 84765
T: 435.674.2027
F: 435.674.2038

Kindergarten Teachers

Marie Lemmon : Kindergarten Teacher

Marie Lemmon | Kindergarten Teacher

My Email: marie.lemmon@washk12.org

Number of years teaching/in present position: 1st year

Hobbies: Traveling, scrapbooking, playing with my kids.

What I like best about Arrowhead: It's the best!!  Great students, great staff.  Everything.  It's the whole package!

Jaime Ria : Kindergarten Teacher

Jaime Ria | Kindergarten Teacher

My Email: jaime.ria@washk12.org

You'll learn more about me soon.

Kara Stewart : Kindergarten Teacher

Kara Stewart | Kindergarten Teacher

My Email: kara.stewart@washk12.org

Number of years teaching: 2

Hobbies:  Camping, traveling, reading and playing pickleball.

What I like best about Arrowhead: I love the students and faculty. 

Arrowhead school motto "We pledge to do our best, be our best and better those around us."