545 Arrowhead Trail
Santa Clara, UT 84765
T: 435.674.2027
F: 435.674.2038


Mrs. Susan Harrah : Principal

Mrs. Susan Harrah | Principal

My Email: susan.harrah@washk12.org

Number of years as principal:  9
Hobbies:  Running, exercise, spending time with family.
What I like best about Arrowhead:  I love the students, faculty and parents!

Mrs. Lesa Dewey : Learning Coach

Mrs. Lesa Dewey | Learning Coach

My Email: lesa.dewey@washk12.org

Number of years teaching: 9
Hobbies:  Reading, shopping, scrapbooking and party planning.
What I like best about Arrowhead:  The teachers and staff are all so wonderful to work with.  We have such an amazing school!

Mrs. Michelle McArthur : Secretary

Mrs. Michelle McArthur | Secretary

My Email: michelle.mcarthur@washk12.org

Number of years at Arrowhead:  5 
Hobbies:  I enjoy riding my road bike, watching my daughter perform and supporting my boys playing football.  Best of all I get to watch my grandsons play ball.
What I like best about Arrowhead:  Students, staff - basically everything!  Arrowhead rocks!

Mrs. Julie Pasley : Secretary

Mrs. Julie Pasley | Secretary

My Email: julie.pasley@washk12.org

Number of years in current position: 1-1/2
Hobbies:  Reading, cooking and hiking.
What I like most about Arrowhead:  All of the amazing students!

Mrs. Kelli Prisbrey : Secretary

Mrs. Kelli Prisbrey | Secretary

My Email: kelli.prisbrey@washk12.org

Number of years as secretary:  20
Hobbies:  Playing with my grand-kiddos and family and I love to travel.
What I like best about Arrowhead:  The kids - the parents - the staff.

Mrs. Jeanette Taylor : Counselor

Mrs. Jeanette Taylor | Counselor

My Email: jeanette.taylor@washk12.org

You'll learn more about me soon.

Arrowhead school motto "We pledge to do our best, be our best and better those around us."